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Hey I’m Travis,

Kayak - TD

and I’m Dustin


We are 2 friends from Texas setting out to experience the world like never before. And before we knew it, it was time…

Sell our stuff. Buy one-way plane ticket. Pack entire life into a backpack. And Go!

But let’s give you a little background information first.

We went to the same high school and became roommates while attending college at Texas State University. After going through endless nights trying to think of the next million dollar idea, we just decided to pack our bags and set out to have an experience like never before. We packed our bags and drove cross-country.

24 hours later… Virginia Beach, Virgina! For the entire summer of 2014, we worked on the beach and lived in a shared-house without knowing if/when we were going home. It was during this little trip that changed the course of our lives forever.

We had been bitten by the travel bug. Being in an unknown place you might feel vulnerable or that no one likes people from ‘other places’. This is far from the truth. We met lots of great people and made even better memories that will forever stay with us. Unfortunately our time in Virginia Beach had to end and we were back on the road to Texas.

Back to thinking of the next Facebook…

There’s one thing we are both extremely passionate about and that’s traveling around the world and having the best experiences possible.

That’s when TDXperience came into play…

Taking a vacation once a year shouldn’t be considered ‘living the life’. There has to be much more to life than going to school, getting a job, working until retirement, and then hopefully being healthy enough to see a few cool places before you take the long nap. That’s not the way we’re going to live our life. It comes down to one fundamental thing that needs to change… The way that people THINK about traveling has to change.

Traveling doesn’t have to be your one week vacation for the year..

Traveling can be long-term!

And then the wheels began to move. We are selling our belongings, packing our entire life into a backpack, and heading out on a open-ended adventure.

By documenting our travels, we will give you first-hand advice as we head into the life of traveling long-term as well as provide you with epic TDX vacation packages that you can enjoy! Hopefully we’ll manage to create one or two enjoyable videos along the way.

All of the packages we offer will have met our strict requirements… being absolutely awesome and approved by us to give you a 5-star TDXperience!

Stay tuned for great things…


-Travis & Dustin-

-TDX –

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