Media Kit

Who are we?

Travis & Dustin


We are good friends who are leaving everything behind in Texas to travel around the world. During our travels, we will document everything and create awesome videos highlighting all of our memories for you to have a good laugh, learn something new, or live vicariously through us while you save for your trip!


Where can we be found?

Other than traveling somewhere around the world… we are all over the internet!


Recent Trips:


Why work with TDX?

  • Seasoned travel pro
  • Social media expert
  • Great writer
  • Great photographer
  • Rarely says No to a new opportunity
  • Empower viewers through video
  • Loyal Following
  • Deliver Results

Social Media Statistics:

  • Instagram Followers: 10000+
  • Twitter Followers: 1000+
  • Facebook Fans: 10+
  • YouTube Subscribers: 10+
  • YouTube Views: 100+
  • Newsletter  Subscribers: 3+